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Latest News from CERN

  • Top++: Computer program for the calculation of the total top-pair cross-section at hadron colliders
  • Tips for installing Top++ on Mac OS X
  • CERN opens its doors to the world
  • Collide @ CERN laureate, Bill Fontana, begins residency at CERN
  • CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus
  • CERN and the Wigner Research Centre for Physics inaugurate CERN data centre’s extension in Budapest, Hungary
  • Next-generation particle accelerator is ready for construction - International Linear Collider publishes its Technical Design Report
  • CERN and Ars Electronica launch open call for the third Prix Ars Electronica [email protected]
  • CERN Council updates European strategy for particle physics
  • European Commission and CERN support major research facility in the Middle East
  • Physicists at CERN measure a fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth
  • CERN inaugurates a scientific tourist trail, the Passport to the Big Bang
  • First observations of short-lived pear-shaped atomic nuclei
  • ALPHA experimenters present novel investigation of the effect of gravity on antimatter
  • CERN celebrates 20 years of a free, open web
  • LHCb experiment observes new matter-antimatter difference
  • CERN to host its first TEDx
  • AMS experiment measures antimatter excess in space
  • The second [email protected] prize is awarded to a film maker
  • ATRAP experiment makes world’s most precise measurement of antiproton magnetic moment
  • CERN hosts the first day of the SMS Lake Geneva Conference on Strategic Management
  • New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson
  • LHC experiments to present latest results at Moriond conference
  • First three-year LHC running period reaches a conclusion
  • The first LHC protons run ends with new milestone
  • CERN is granted the status of observer to the United Nations General Assembly
  • Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation announces Physics Frontiers and New Horizons in Physics prizes along with two special prizes
  • Second Open Competition for [email protected] Residency Award announced today
  • Second Prix Ars Electronica [email protected] laureate announced
  • Gilles Jobin to deliver final lecture of his artistic residency at CERN
  • CERN brings particle physics to the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • The Republic of Cyprus becomes a CERN Associate Member State
  • SCOAP3 Open Access Initiative launched at CERN
  • Professor Agnieszka Zalewska elected President of CERN Council
  • CERN’s first artistic residency reaches a conclusion
  • European particle physics refreshes long-term strategy
  • LHC experiments bring new insight into matter of the primordial universe
  • AMS experiment marks one year in space
  • CERN and Ars Electronica launch open call for the second Prix Ars Electronica [email protected]
  • European science champions score an early goal for cloud computing
  • CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson
  • CERN to give update on Higgs search as curtain raiser to ICHEP conference
  • CERN adopts new scheme for easy access to intellectual property
  • CERN welcomes its first choreographer in residence
  • New phase of CERN openlab to tackle exascale IT challenges for science
  • CERN awards major contract for computer infrastructure hosting to Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Hungary
  • CERN supports new business incubation centre in the UK
  • LHC physics data taking gets underway at new record collision energy of 8TeV
  • First laureate for [email protected] Prize announced
  • CERN welcomes its first artist in residence
  • Major contract signed for supply of solar panels derived from CERN technology
  • CERN experiment makes spectroscopic measurement of antihydrogen
  • 3rd CinéGlobe international film festival at CERN
  • LHCb experiment squeezes the space for expected new physics
  • Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloud computing
  • Geneva conference to bring benefits of basic research to medicine
  • LHC to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012
  • Serbia set to become Associate Member State of CERN
  • European particle physics plots course for the future
  • ATLAS and CMS experiments present Higgs search status
  • First Prix Ars Electronica [email protected] laureate announced
  • CERN has 2020 vision for LHC upgrade
  • LHC proton run for 2011 reaches successful conclusion
  • CERN, ESS, and ERF organize the first international workshop on better energy management for Big Science
  • CERN sets course for extra-low-energy antiprotons
  • OPERA experiment reports anomaly in flight time of neutrinos from CERN to Gran Sasso
  • Israel to become Associate Member State of CERN
  • CERN announces the [email protected] artists' residency programme
  • CERN's LHCb experiment takes precision physics to a new level
  • CERN’s CLOUD experiment provides unprecedented insight into cloud formation
  • LHC experiments present latest results at Mumbai conference
  • CERN supports European Year of Volunteering through Citizen Cyberscience Centre
  • CERN launches Cultural Policy
  • CERN to host Product Lifecycle Management Conference
  • CERN experiment weighs antimatter with unprecedented accuracy
  • LHC experiments present their latest results at Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
  • CERN launches Open Hardware initiative
  • CERN Council looks forward to summer conferences and new members
  • LHC achieves 2011 data milestone
  • CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds
  • LHC Experiments Present New Results at Quark Matter 2011 Conference
  • The AMS detector heads for the International Space Station
  • LHC sets world record beam intensity
  • CERN announces LHC to run in 2012
  • CERN Council welcomes new candidates for Membership
  • CERN experiment makes progress towards antihydrogen beams
  • LHC experiments bring new insight into primordial universe
  • Antimatter atoms produced and trapped at CERN
  • CERN completes transition to lead-ion running at the LHC
  • The LHC enters a new phase
  • The ATLAS collaboration at CERN unveils giant mural
  • CERN council approves the laboratory's medium term plan
  • Be a researcher for an evening on European researchers’ night, Friday 24 September
  • AMS experiment takes off for Kennedy Space Center
  • ICHEP 2010 conference highlights first results from the LHC
  • World’s particle physics labs take amateur photographers behind the scenes
  • CERN Council opens the door to greater integration
  • CERN inaugurates its new permanent "Universe of Particles" exhibition
  • Children put science in the picture with the exhibition “Draw me a physicist”
  • Physicists and medics set out strategy on physics for health


Alexander Born and raised in the land of the mythical and enigmatic Thracians , the beautiful South European country of Bulgaria. I received my master's degree in physics from the oldest modern Bulgarian university .

The university, established in 1888, is named after St. Clement of Ohrid - a IX-th century Bulgarian scholar, often linked to the invention and popularization of the Cyrillic alphabet, who was also a prolific writer and translator.

Next Steps

Upon graduation, I was awarded a national physics scholarship by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and several years later accepted the University of Rochester's offer to continue my graduate studies there, relocating to the US in 1999. Post-PhD, I received an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship , followed by the inaugural US LHC Theory Initiative fellowship and the CERN theoretical physics fellowship.

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I am a fellow at the Theory Division of CERN - the home of the LHC and the hottest place for particle physics on Earth (or in the Universe, as some people will argue)! I am working on precision phenomenology applied to all high-energy particle colliders, especially the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). My current focus is on top quark physics.

What is the LHC?