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Alexander Mitov

  1. Invitation at the conference “ ”, KITP, Santa Barbara, July 2013.
  2. Invitation at the 2013 Lepton Photon Conference , San Francisco, June 2013.
  3. Invited presentation at the conference Loopfest 2013 , Florida State University, May 2013.
  4. , CERN, April 2013.
  5. Colloquium at the University of Hawaii, March 2013.
  6. at “ Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste ”, Aosta, Italy, Feb 2013.
  7. Invited talk at the University of Sussex, UK, Dec. 2012.
  8. Invited plenary talk on top physics at “ HCP 2012 ”, Kyoto, Japan, November 2012.
  9. Invited seminar at the University of Gottingen, Germany, Nov. 2012
  10. Invited talk at the “ CKM 2012 ” workshop, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, September, 2012.
  11. Theoretical physics seminar, University of Buffalo, Sep 2012.
  12. Invited Colloquium speaker, Fordham University, New York City, Sep. 2012.
  13. Theoretical physics seminar, Brookhaven National Lab, Sep, 2012.
  14. Invited talk at the workshop “ QCD @ LHC 2012 ”, Michigan State University, August 2012.
  15. Invited talk at the workshop " Tools for precision and discovery physics with top quarks ", CERN, July 2012.
  16. Theoretical physics seminar, University of Freiburg, Germany, July 2012.
  17. Two lectures at the summer school and workshop “ ”, Primorsko, Bulgaria, June 2012.
  18. Invited plenary talk “ Top Physics theory ” at the PLHC 2012 Conference , Vancouver, Canada, May 2012.
  19. Invited talk on “ ” at Loopfest 2012 , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, May 2012.
  20. Invited presentation on " NNLO corrections to qqbar -> ttbar " at the CERN workshop " Top physics: from charge asymmetry to the boosted regime ", CERN, May, 2012
  21. Invited presentation on " " at the conference Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory, Wernigerode, Gemany, April 2012.
  22. Invited seminar on "Progress in precision top physics" at the MPI, Munich, Germany, April 2012.
  23. Invited talk on " " at the DIS 2012 conference, Bonn Germany, March 2012.
  24. Invited talk on " Theoretical developments in top physics at hadron colliders " at the Winter conference Moriond QCD 2012, March 2012.
  25. Invited seminar on "Precision physics: the road to discoveries at the LHC", the University of Edinburgh, March 2012.
  26. , CERN, 27 May 2011.
  27. “ Two-loop effects in heavy flavor processes at hadron colliders ”, invited talk at Loopfest 2010. June 2010.
  28. Current and future elementary particle colliders: challenges we face in the quest for discoveries”, Colloquium at Texas Tech University Department of Physics. April 2010.
  29. “Massive gauge theory amplitudes and application to LHC physics”, invited seminar at INRNE, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec. 2009.
  30. “Adding precision to top physics at hadron colliders”, talk at the LHC Theory Initiative meeting, Fermilab, Oct 2009.
  31. “ New developments in the structure of massive gauge amplitudes and application to precision top physics at the LHC ”, Invited seminar at Johns Hopkins University, Oct. 2009.
  32. “ “, invited plenary talk at ” [email protected]: Joint Theory/Experiment Workshop on Early Physics at the LHC ” Brookhaven National Lab, June 2009.
  33. “ The top quark mass “, Theory Institute on Top Quark Physics, CERN, May 2009.
  34. “ “, Loopfest 2009, Madison, May 2009.
  35. Invited overview talk “ ” at the workshop “Standard model discoveries with early LHC data”, University College London, March 30 - April 01, 2009.
  36. Invited seminar “Precision Phenomenology at the heart of the LHC”, Stony Brook University, March 2009.
  37. “Top pair production at Hadron Colliders: newest developments”, Invited presentation for the CTEQ collaboration, Feb. 2009.
  38. “ Top pair production at hadron colliders “, Fermilab theory seminar, Jan. 2009.
  39. “Top pair production at Hadron Colliders: new developments you need to know about”, Invited presentation for DØ collaboration, Fermilab, Jan. 2009.
  40. “The LHC Revolution”, Florida State University, Jan. 2009.
  41. “Top pair production at Hadron Colliders: a critical review”, Brookhaven National Lab, Dec. 2008.
  42. “(Some) New stuff for top-pair production at Hadron Colliders “, talk at Loopfest 7, Buffalo, May 2008.
  43. “Top Physics: a window to the Terascale”, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, March 2008.
  44. “New developments in top physics”, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Feb. 2007.
  45. “Challenges in Top Physics”, CEA-Saclay, France, December 2007.
  46. “News in Top Physics”, Humboldt University - Berlin, Jan. 2008.
  47. “Top Physics at the Terascale” University of Göttingen, Germany, Dec. 2007.
  48. “Perturbative QCD with heavy flavors: theoretical advances and LHC challenges” seminar at CEA-Saclay, France, December 2007.
  49. “Precision theoretical predictions for heavy quark production at the new generation of elementary particle collider experiments”, Emmy Noether Fellowship Program Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany, Nov.2007.
  50. “QCD processes with massive fermions: advances and challenges” University of Milano, Nov. 2007.
  51. Invited plenary talk on “ ” at the DESY Theory Workshop 2007 “String Theory meets Collider Physics” September 2007.
  52. “ Heavy flavor production at the LHC: towards the NNLO QCD corrections “, KET workshop on QCD and electroweak physics at the LHC, MPI-Munich, July 2007.
  53. “QCD at higher loops and legs” seminar at the University of Mainz, June 2007.
  54. “What to expect at the future elementary particle experiments”, University of Edinburgh, May 2007.
  55. “The singular behavior of massive QCD amplitudes”, SFB/TR-9 meeting, Aahen, February 2007.
  56. “Precision in the heavy flavor sector: why it is needed and how to achieve it”, seminar at the University of Liverpool, January 2007.
  57. “Higher-order corrections to heavy-flavor processes”, seminar at IPPP Durham, January 2007.
  58. “Recent developments towards NNLO precision in the heavy flavor sector”, seminar at the University of Hamburg, December 2006.
  59. “Precision studies in the heavy flavor sector”, seminar at CERN, November 2006.
  60. “Factorization and evolution for PDFs and fragmentation functions”, DESY LHC standard model workshop, DESY-Zeuthen, October 2006
  61. Invited overview talk on “ “, KET workshop on QCD and electroweak physics at the LHC, DESY-Hamburg, October 2006.
  62. “ “, HP2 workshop, ETH, Zurich, September 2006.
  63. “Heavy quark fragmentation at NNLO: questions and answers with LHC in mind”, University of Freiburg, July 2006.
  64. “Heavy quark fragmentation at NNLO: from LEP to the Tevatron and LHC”, Fermilab, June 2006.
  65. “Three-loop time-like splitting functions in Mellin space and NNLO fragmentation”, Loopfest V, SLAC, June 2006.
  66. “Progress towards b-fragmentation at NNLO”, HERA-LHC workshop, CERN, June 2006.
  67. “Higher order calculations in Mellin space and application to time-like processes”, invited talk at “Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory”, April 23-28, 2006, Eisenach, Germany.
  68. “Analytical evaluation of differential distributions in Mellin space”, Rencontres de Moriond workshop on “QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions”, La Thuile, Italy, March 18-25, 2006.
  69. “Higher order perturbative calculations in Mellin space”, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Feb. 2006.
  70. “Perturbative aspects of light- and heavy-flavor fragmentation in NNLO QCD”, DESY, Zeuthen, October 2005.
  71. “The photon spectrum in B->s+gamma in NNLO QCD”, Theory workshop DESY, Hamburg, Sep. 2005.
  72. “B-> s+gamma: the photon spectrum at NNLO”, SLAC, June 2005.
  73. “The photon spectrum in B->s+gamma at NNLO”, PHENO 2005, Wisconsin, Madison, May 2005.
  74. “Heavy Quark Fragmentation Function”, DIS 2005, Madison, Wisconsin, April 2005.
  75. “Soft gluon resummation for heavy quark production”, DIS 2005, Madison, Wisconsin, April 2005.
  76. “Standard Model Uncertainties in B->s+gamma Branching Fraction and Spectrum”, SuperB Factory Workshop, University of Hawaii, April 2005.
  77. “Heavy Quark Fragmentation Function at NNLO”, LCWS2005, Stanford University, March 2005
  78. “Top mass determination from b+lepton invariant mass at the LHC and ILC”, Workshop on LHC/ILC Synergies,SLAC, March 2005.
  79. “Heavy Quark Perturbative Fragmentation Function at NNLO”, PHENO2004, Madison, Wisconsin,April 2004.
  80. “Heavy Quark Perturbative Fragmentation Function at NNLO”, Fermilab, April 2004.
  81. “Heavy Quark Perturbative Fragmentation Function at NNLO”. Talk at Loopfest III (KITP, UCSB), April 2004.
  82. “Soft-gluon Resummation for Heavy Quark Production in CC DIS”, PHENO 2003, Madison, May 2003.
  83. “Bottom Quark Fragmentation in Top Quark Decay”, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, February 2003.
  84. “Bottom Quark Fragmentation in Top Quark Decay”, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Feb. 2003.
  85. “The Radion in the Randall-Sundrum Model”, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma,November 2002.
  86. “Top Decay and Bottom Fragmentation in NLO QCD”, DPF 2002, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 2002.
  87. “Top Decay and Bottom Fragmentation in NLO QCD”, PHENO 2002, Madison, Wisconsin, April2002.
  88. “Hierarchy problem and extra dimensions”, Particle Physics Seminar, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, April 2002.
  89. “Bound States in a Model of QFT with Higher Derivatives”, Regular Seminar in Theoretical High Energy Physics, INRNE, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 1997.

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